Our aim is to help aspirants develop the right aptitude and personality to prepare for the UPSC CSE exam.

The Civil Services Exam conducted by Union Public Service Commission is one of the most sought after and considered one of the toughest exams in the country. It aims to select India’s finest minds as bureaucrats. We at reachUPSC aim to teach students on doing their best preparation work for these exams.

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Expert educator with Ayussh Sanghi Sept. since 2014


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60 million

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About the founder

Ayussh Sanghi is an offline & online educator for civil services exams in India.

He has been associated with Vajiram & Ravi & Next IAS in the offline arena and Unacademy in the online arena. He is known for his excellent teaching skills and is the first CA in India to teach Economics to IAS aspirants. He has earned two Bachelor’s Degrees, one in Commerce and the other one in Law and completed his M.A. in Economics. He is very passionate about teaching and has dedicated his life to shape up the lives of the people who dream to achieve a great career for themselves.

He started his career as a Taxation Teacher to CA students. After five years, before joining Vajiram & Ravi, he has had a taste of corporate life at PwC where he worked as a Corporate consultant. He has taught Economics to Civil Services aspirants at Vajiram & Ravi Institute for six years. He has even contributed to the online education platform, Unacademy, by being the second educator on he platform. In the online journey of 8 years he has had a following of 2,60,000 aspirants and 55 million watch minutes.

What students says about us


Perina Xavier


There 's a point in our life when we strongly feel the purpose of our being! You are an amazing teacher! Your decision of being a teacher has enlightened us and will enlighten many more sir! Keep inspiring us!

Upasna Choudhry


Sir you are always awesome. I remember the day when i first saw your ad on YouTube, that was the time when i had just started preparing for UPSC and i was struggling with the subject of economics. Your courses have helped me a lot and still helping. A teacher like you is very hard to find. You always give us strength to move further ignoring the obstacles. I am highly obliged to be your student. Thanks a lot for for choosing this profession. I cannot imagine studying economics from anybody else than you. Now it's been almost 3-4 years since i started following your courses and i can assure that you are the best at what you are doing. Thank you for enriching our lives with your immense knowledge.

Deepak Kumar


You are amazing educator sir, the way you motive us to do hardwork, to learn some meaningful skills that secure our future. I think God is wanted that you became an educator and entitle the life of learners.You are doingbest job.. Thanku for sharing your experience with us and congratulations

Shrishiti Yadav


Thank you so much,sir! I think that today ur one of the best educators i ever came across. Thank you for choosing teaching as ur career or i would never had the opportunity to be guided by you.U can't imagine how much impact you make with your online lecture on every students watching u. This might sound crazy but my mom is always besides me when i watch ur live or recorded lectures and only says ‘Where are teachers like him these days, if every child gets a teacher like him - education field would be much better than what it is today’. So ur doing a commendable job to motivate thousands of people. Keep doing the same. Hope i make you proud some day as ur student sir. Warm wishes from Me and blessings from my Maa.

Azmin H.


Sir You are simply amazing!!!!! I mean I can’t express my gratitude for you sir!!! A big big thank you!! From a student like me I was a complete zero! The concepts are explained in such a simple form!!

Samir Sayyad


I still admire your teaching method and crisp, brief knowledge of what you teach with respect to Economics/Indian Economy for CSE. I don't have commerce background but i feel you are compatible to me with your expertise whereby i feel privileged to have my economy teacher like you. Thanks.

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