Host your meetups virtually

Host your virtual meetups to engage with your community

Types of meetups you can host

CareerBusinessSports Teams
LanguagesHealthFood & Drinks

All in one event management

with interactive features to create engaging live experiences

Sell tickets & monetize your meetups

Your fans, followers, and community members can pay for your events from anywhere in the world
$0per event
Price per ticket$25.00

Setup beautiful event pages

Use our tools to create eye- catching pages to highlight your events

Get your audience on stage

All customers and audience members can request the microphone and be on stage during an event

Invite speakers for your events

Invite multiple speakers from your organisation, team or guests. You can even hire a professional host or add a moderator

Photo collage with your audience

Take a photo with your audience and get a collage for your social media profiles


Enable group chats and private messages with all your attendees


Interact with attendees by asking questions and running live polls


Start Q&A session and manage answers in a dedicated window


Let attendees express their thoughts about the event with emojis and live reactions

Host your meetups

Host your virtual meetups to engage with your community